Ricardo, you were a chick

I was born in Lisbon, in 1978. I'm an architect and photographer, I also like to draw, to teach and (always) of learning.

Everyday life goes beyond architecture and I find myself in the world of entrepreneurship trying to create new products, mentoring innovative projects and feeling, more than an architect, a creative.


Create moments of happiness in the user's daily life.


Believing that the creative process can and should be used to improve people's lives from within.

Bet on adaptability, versatility and modularity, enhancing the personalization and individualization of experiences, as well as sustainability (environmental) of creations.

a workshop

Atelier born at the end of 2013, with an early life

supported by an intense experience of 10 years.

We see each project as a new challenge for which creative and functional solutions must be developed.,
that respond to the specific taste and needs of each client.

With a dynamic creative process, combined with methodical work, rigorous and pragmatic,
we seek to have a comprehensive response capacity, flexible and effective.

We develop the various phases:
previous study | base project | execution project | construction monitoring;

and the various scales of a project:
urban project | architectural project | furniture design.

We believe that architecture can and should coexist with other disciplines. Like this, we also offer a set of services that complement and enhance it: lighting projects and lighting studies, engineering, landscaping, decoration, photography, 3D design and modeling.

Ricardo Esteves Pinto
Architect | CEO
(+351) 968 015 323

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